Monday, October 24, 2011

Wow, it's been 4 months??

Ever since Facebook came into my life, I have been neglecting this blog! The main reason is that I rarely take pictures of my boys anymore (well, with my big camera), and then when I do, I rarely upload them to my computer. It's so much easier to take a picture with my phone and upload it to Facebook!

A few things have taken place since I wrote 4 months ago. Matthew turned 7 years old in June and is back at school, in first grade again at Joyner Elementary. His new teacher is Mrs. Jennifer Rinehart. He still has Mrs. Gravatt for his resource (SPED) teacher. He is doing great this year, probably the best year he has had so far. Poor fellow got some type of infection in his thumb, probably from a splinter, and had to have surgery last Tuesday! We stayed the night in the hospital, came home on Wednesday and he was back at school on Thursday. The boy is a trooper!

Nathan is a typical 2 year old, driving everyone in the house insane!! He loves to agitate Matthew and they fight pretty frequently. It drives me and Ryan crazy. However, he can be sweet too. He is learning to use the potty and I'd say he is about 75% trained. He occasionally pees on himself but for the most part will tell us when he needs to go. Pooping is a different story. Let's just say we're still working on that one. :/ He goes to day school two days a week at First Baptist Church and I'm amazed at everything he has learned so far!

Ryan is still working a lot, bless him. And I'm still staying at home until the Lord leads me otherwise. I'd love to get a part time job somewhere but it's hard to justify day care expenses with part time work. It's just not enough pay. I feel when the time is ready, the Lord will provide me with the perfect job!

Ryan and I are both training for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon on December 3. We are really looking forward to it! My only goal is to finish it! :)

I hope to update sooner next time!! :)

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